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Disney Princess - Tangled Stain Glass 12” Faux Leather Mini Backpack

There’s nothing quite like the magical feeling of watching a Disney happy ending. With Loungefly’s Stain Glass line, you can carry the happily ever after of a Disney Princess wherever you go!

Next in this line is Tangled—the story of a lost princess with magical hair locked away in a hidden tower who, with the help of Flynn Rider, escapes and reunites with her parents. 

This enchanting backpack shows Rapunzel in Flynn’s arms as they gaze lovingly at one another with the princess’ two homes in the distance. Below, as lanterns rise to join the main scene, the two see the light at last. The scene is complete with a lantern-shaped zipper charm and purple vegan-friendly leather, perfectly complimenting the vibrance and sheer beauty of the stained glass art style.

Product Features:

  • Enamel zipper charm
  • Faux leather
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Printed details

Bring a touch of Disney magic into your world with this stunning backpack!

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