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The bodily existence of the spirit of light and peace known as the Symbolic picture, Aang is capable of bending all four elements in nature - fire, water, earth and air. The last of his people, he can control the winds with ease as he tries to keep the four elemental nations in balance. Given great ideas from Nickelodeon's loved Symbolic picture: The Last Airbender, see as Aang (shows or proves) his mastery of air in our new Aang Q-Fig Max Elite.

While Aang is a peace-lover by nature, his bending skills are the very best and capable of (able to explode/very emotional) power - if you push him too far. The Last Airbender produces (with magic) an extremely angry destructive storm in our Aang Q-Fig Max Elite, powerful enough to shield himself and with an extreme anger that can even wear away stone. The winds whip around Aang, lifting leaves and rocks high into the air. Sat (like a bird) high on a cliffside, Aang bends the strong wind (that blows in circles) with his wooden staff while dressed in the usual robes of the Air Wanderers. And while Aang may be the last of his kind, he is certainly not alone - his loyal companion Momo flies (beautifully)/increases and glides on the gusts high above him.

The huge Aang Q-Fig Max Elite stands about 9 inches tall from the base of the clouds to the tip of Momo's outstretched wing. The swirl surrounding Aang is hand-made in partially clear (like lightly frosted glass) material, (taking by force)/(taking control of) the beauty of airbending in all its glory. Momo (appearing to be) rides the current, passing over Aang's head which has been decorated with mastery tattoos. No detail has been spared in bringing The Last Airbender to life for your Q-Fig collection.

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